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internship demand

2011-04-30 16:11:27 by The-Real-Sabin

Workin' on it!

BTW, I have a Tower Defense and a BattleShip that are on the later stage of development.
Will upload them bu the end of the semester.


2010-12-26 03:44:32 by The-Real-Sabin

Starting to get the hang of it. I coded a mathing game, a shoot 'em up, a basic shooter and a memory game. Why aren't they on NG ye ask? Well, the code work fine but there are no design or purpose / story attach to it.

I have yet to complete the 6 or so tuto left in my book before next semester. I do hope to publish an interesting game/movie before the end of march.

Until then, see ya


2010-03-30 15:58:52 by The-Real-Sabin

Learning AS3.0 right now.
We'll see what I can pull off

Wasting your time

2010-03-15 14:02:30 by The-Real-Sabin

Now, why would anyone lose 5min of his precious lifetime to read my post and view my profil?

Yeah seriously, if you are reading this comment below.